'Lua' stands for moon in Portuguese. 

people have been using Crystals for thousands of years because of their healing properties.

The Ancient Egyptians used crystals very often for health and protection. They made jewelry with them or buried them with the deceased. Lapis lazuli was a very popular stone with the Ancient Egyptians.

rapeseedWAX has many benefits for you and for the planet

- Longer burning time

- Vegan

- Sustainable

- Doesn't contain any toxins
- Produced in Europe

- ...


I pack orders with our precious planet in mind. Therefore no plastic is involved in Simply Lua packaging, only biodegradable materials!


Real crystals, real magick

At Simply Lua, only real crystals are used.

So you can enjoy some real nature magick!

Are you wondering if the 'k' added to 'magic' is a typo? It isn't!

This is done to differentiate it with what we know as stage magic. Magick with a k stands for the craft of using natural forces around us to bring change. This can go from writing down your goals to using crystal, or whatever fits you!