A little magick around your neck.


Angel number necklace with amethyst. These necklaces are great to call in the energy of the angel numbers in your life.

This is a handmade product which makes every piece unique, the necklace you'll receive can differ a little from the ones shown in the pictures.


Available in gold or silver.
Handmade with love.
Necklace: stainless steel

Wire: metal

Necklace length: 45cm



111: manifestation. keep your focus & intention with what you desire.
222: you're on the right path & you're being supported. everything is working out as it should.
333: balance mind, body & spirit. 
444: you're doing great, stay on this path. progress.

555: change. let go of what no longer serves you. 

666: remember to see through the materialism & limiting beliefs of everyday life.

777: alignment. you're ready to receive. take notice of the chances life brings you.

888: abundance. wealth & prosperity. you are the authority of your own life.

999: you've learned everything you can. let go of what no longer serves you. prepare for better things.



Amethyst is a calming and healing stone, it's great to help you with handling stress & anxiety. By warding off all negative energy, it's a protective stone as well. Amethyst is also known for bringing a good night of sleep and helping you remember dreams. It furthermore enhances intuition and spiritual growth and helps with blockages, especially everything that comes with addiction.


Care: take off when showering & avoid spraying perfume on your necklace.

Angel number necklace

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