A little magick around your neck.


This is a handmade product which makes every piece unique, the necklace you'll receive can differ a little from the ones shown in the pictures.


Available in gold or silver.
Handmade with love.
Necklace: stainless steel

Wire: metal

Necklace length: 45cm



Malachite is a transformative stone with a very strong energy. If you’re looking for some positive change in your life, malachite is your friend. What’s great about malachite is that it will also protect you, for your gratest good. It will help you get rid of what or who no longer serves you, and help you attract people or new opportunities that will. It’s also known to help you in the field of love. It can be benificial to carry malachite along with other crystals that can help attract what you’re seeking, a rosequartz for example if you’re looking to attract new love, or starting a journey to work on yourself.


Care: take off when showering & avoid spraying perfume on your necklace

Malachite pendant necklace

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