A little magick around your neck.


!! Please note that the necklace you’ll receive can differ a little from the ones shown in the solo pictures. However all necklaces that I made for this drop with this particular crystal are shown in the pictures too. The necklace you’ll receive is always one of these.

Wire wrapped crystal necklace, handmade with love.
Necklace: stainless steel

Wire: metal

Necklace length: 45cm



Rhodocrosite is a stone of love. Just like green aventurine, kunzite and rosequartz, it is a healer of the heart. It has a healing effect by opening your heart and improving self-worth. It’s also a helpful stone if you experience difficulties from imposter syndrome. It helps healing emotional wounds so you can open your heart with trust and dare to receive unconditional love.


Care: take off when showering & avoid spraying perfume on your necklace.

Rhodocrosite necklace

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