A little magick around your neck.


This is a handmade product which makes every piece unique, the necklace you'll receive can differ a little from the ones shown in the pictures.


Available in gold or silver.
Handmade with love.
Necklace: stainless steel

Wire: metal

Necklace length: 45cm



Rosequartz is the ultimate stone of love. Not only love between different people, but also within yourself. It is a deeply healing stone, which helps you to love yourself and open up your heart, so that you can receive abundant love. Rosequartz enhances self-trust and self-worth, attracts mutually loving relationships and strengthens empathy and sensitivity. It is a powerful healer of the heart, which makes it useful when experiencing dissapointment or heartbreak too.


Care: take off when showering & avoid spraying perfume on your necklace.

Rosequartz pendant necklace

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