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Stainless steel necklace with selenite & rosequart. 


Handmade with love and care as always.


Selenite is a powerful cleansing stone, it clears out bad vibes and provides a clean, light energy.


Rosequartz is the ultimate stone of (self)love. It is a deeply healing stone, which helps you to love yourself so that you can receive unconditional love from others. Rosequartz attracts mutually loving relationships rather than toxic ones. It is said that placing a piece of rosequartz near your bed could attract a soulmate! In existing relationships it will enhance trust and balance. 

Rosequartz strengthens empathy and sensitivity, something the world could greatly use these days (in my opinion). The stone also encourages you to set boundaries to protect yourself. Rosequartz is a healer of the heart, which makes it useful when experiencing dissapointment or heartbreak. It enhances self-trust and self-worth. Rosequartz replaces negative energy by good, loving vibes!



Selenite & rosequartz necklace

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