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The og wire wrapped necklaces, but make it zodiac signs. 


I selected a set of crystals for every zodiac sign and picked one of each set to make necklaces with. Each necklace also comes with a little note on why I picked that crystal to match with that zodiac sign. These are the same necklaces that are included in the zodiac sets (candle, necklace & bracelet). 
!!! Only the necklaces are included here

As always the necklaces itself are stainless steel, but the wire around the crystal is metal so it's better to take your necklace off when showering etc. 

The crystals I picked for every zodiac sign: 

Aries - red jasper

Taurus - green aventurine

Gemini - pink agate

Cancer - moonstone

Leo - carnelian

Virgo - rainbow fluorite

Libra - rosequartz

Scorpio - amethyst

Sagittarius - sodalite

Capricorn - tiger's eye

Aquarius - clear quartz

Pisces - celestite


The name of the zodiac sign is also added on every picture. 

Zodiac necklaces

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