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Aren’t that just… rocks? 

Yes they are! Very pretty shiny rocks. But there’s more to it if you’d want that for you. In this little paragraph I’ll try to explain how crystals work and what they can do for you. They don’t necessarily need to do something for you, you can also perfectly enjoy them just for their beauty. But if you want to know and experience more of it, the most important thing is to remember that “it has magic because you believe it does”. My friend Tessa (from Studio Moor) quoted this from one of her favorite movies ‘Practical magic’ and I think this captures it all so so well.

In my opinion, crystals will work for you if you want them to. If working with crystals makes you more aware about certain things and areas in your life, you will experience an effect. If they empower you to become the best possible you, isn’t that already enough?

However there is a scientific way to make you understand a bit how crystals work. Let’s get back to your physics classroom for a second. Everything you know vibrates at a certain frequency, this frequency depends on the type of molecules the material is made of, and this process produces waves of energy. Right? This is also the case for solid materials, such as crystals. So crystals vibrate energy, which you receive and can benefit from. There are more types of crystals than I can name, but every type carries a different vibration and thus has different benefits for you. These benefits, which you can experience from a crystal’s energy, is what I will describe below. And do you also remember the concept of resonance? This is when two materials are in tune and resonate at the same frequency, when this happens the materials will attract each other. So crystals which vibrate and have their own energy frequency can attract similar energy. In conclusion, you can use crystals to attract the energy you wish to surround yourself with. 



Crystals can be cleansed in many ways, you’ll find out which one feels best for you. It’s great to do this from time to time, but it’s up to you whether and when you choose to cleanse your crystals. For example, some people like to cleanse their new crystals as soon as they get home, others like to embrace the energy the crystal came with. It’s really just important to listen to your intuition and do what feels right for you. I’ll talk you through a few cleansing options below. 


Smoke cleansing (smudging)

Smudging is the act of burning dried wood or plants to create smoke. You can smoke cleanse your crystals (or whatever you like) by moving it through the smoke. Different materials can be used, a few of the most common ones are white sage, cedar, palo santo, lavender and mugwort. Burning incense is also a type of smoke cleansing. Smoke cleansing is not only great for cleansing crystals, but also for cleansing an entire room or home. It’s best to open a window when smoke cleansing, so the excess smoke and negative energy can easily leave.


Note on smudging materials (especially white sage & palo santo):  Please pay attention to the sustainability aspect and look for materials that are sustainably sourced, with respect for the planet, environment and people. Palo santo wood for example for example only be harvested from trees that have naturally fallen, not from living trees. This makes it a scarse good which has some consequences. Please do your own research on this, it’s impossible for me to make a complete guide here, but this does is an important aspect. You can always grow your own herbs too! As we grow lavender in our garden, I’m planning on making lavender smudging sticks this summer for the first time!  



Water is great because you can not only energetically but also physically cleanse your crystals in this way. However, water is a bit tricky since a lot of crystals are best not left in water. Therefore always check (on the internet for example) if your crystal can handle water. If you decide to use water for cleansing you can either do this by holding the crystals under running water for a few moments, or by filling a bowl with water and placing your crystals in it for as long as you feel they need to (preferable near a window for sun/moonlight). This can be a few hours or an entire day, or two, It’s up to you. Pour away the used water afterwards, don’t use this water again (for any purpose). 

Note: We’re sustainable queens here, please try to avoid wasting tap water (especially with the running water method). You can maybe use rainwater or collect the cold water from your shower before it starts getting hot. Be creative! But please keep our beloved planet in mind.



Another method of cleansing is letting mother earth take care of the negative vibes. You can place crystals in or on top of soil. The earth will absorb all negative energy and give you back your crystals with fresh energy! Isn’t that sweet? However, think a bit before you place a crystal in soil, this might not be the best cleansing method for pyrite for example (due to the porous material). Also make sure you don’t forget where you buried it if you decide to bury your crystals! 


Other crystals 
Other crystals can be used too for cleansing. Selenite and clear quartz are known to have this ability. Selenite and smudging are actually my personal favorites of all cleansing options discussed here. You can use these for cleansing by placing the crystal you wish to cleanse on top or very near. Leave it there for as long as you feel like it needs to, trusting your feeling is important with this method. Selenite and clear quartz are self-cleansing, but you can never do wrong with cleansing these too once in a while. 




The ideal way to charge your crystals is under a full moon! At a full moon the energy is the strongest, but a new moon is also lovely if this fits your intentions. Crystals can be charged at any night, but full and new moon are the strongest moments. Place your crystals near a window, or outside (be careful with weather conditions), where they can bathe in the moonlight. However moonlight isn’t the only way, you can also use sunlight. When charged, your crystals will be able again to give you their best! People often ask how often they should charge their crystals, but this is really up to you. It depends on how actively you use them, but you should really also trust your feeling with this one. Feel like your crystals could use a boost? Charge them.  

Note: Some crystals are best not to place in the sun (amethyst for example), because their color could fade. Charge these in the moonlight. 



To get the best out of your crystals, you can program them by setting an intention. Take a moment to do this. Take a few deep breaths, make sure you’re calm. Start visualizing light that surrounds your crystal, that light will bring your intention into the crystal. Make sure you state a clear intention, you can add something like “this or something more for the highest good” to leave room for new things (that you maybe don't expect). If it’s a protective crystal, like black tourmaline for example, you can simply ask it to protect you. Or let’s say you’re programming rosequartz, you could set it with the intention “help me open my heart to receive love” for example. You can look up the properties of your crystal and attune the intention to these properties. 





Rosequartz is the ultimate stone of (self)love. It is a deeply healing stone, which helps you to love yourself so that you can receive unconditional love from others. Rosequartz attracts mutually loving relationships rather than toxic ones. It is said that placing a piece of rosequartz near your bed could attract a soulmate! In existing relationships it will enhance trust and balance. 

Rosequartz strengthens empathy and sensitivity, something the world could greatly use these days (in my opinion). The stone also encourages you to set boundaries to protect yourself. Rosequartz is a healer of the heart, which makes it useful when experiencing dissapointment or heartbreak. It enhances self-trust and self-worth. Rosequartz replaces negative energy by good, loving vibes!


Amethyst is a calming and healing stone, it’s great to help you with handling stress & anxiety. By warding off all negative energy, it’s a protective stone as well. Amethyst is also known for bringing a good night of sleep and helping you remember dreams. It furthermore enhances intuition and spiritual growth and helps with blockages, especially everything that comes with addiction.


Care: It’s best not to place amethyst in direct sunlight, this  can result in a fading color. 



Chevron amethyst is a combination of amethyst and clear quartz, often creating a V-shaped pattern. It combines the properties of amethyst with the strength of clear quartz. It’s mostly known for its great effect on intuition, helping you to get in touch with your deepest self. 

Care: It’s best not to place amethyst in direct sunlight, this  can result in a fading color. 

clear quartz

Clear quartz is known as the master healer. It cleanses and protects the aura and other crystals. This stone bundles power and enhances other crystals’ powers. It’s known to be great for focus. Clear quartz is easy programmable, you can set intentions and manifest greatly with this stone.



Celestite is great if you worry a lot, it brings balance in stressy times. It calms down the mind but also sharpens it when needed to bring clarity. It enhances connection with guardian angels and supports your spiritual growth. It teaches trust in the universe. Celestite is also known to be good for sleep and dream recall.

tiger's eye

Tiger’s eye is a supportive and protective stone. It brings strength, helps with setting realistic goals and teaches the correct way of using power. Tiger’s eye is gently healing, especially good for issues of self-worth and self-criticism. It lifts moods and teaches trust in the future. Tiger’s eye is a protective stone by warding off negative energy and ill-wishing. 



Red jasper is a very stabilizing stone, it’s deeply connected to mother earth and thus great for grounding. With this in mind it can be helpful in times of stress. Red jasper helps you softly end things that are no longer serving you any good. 

It’s also a protective stone which absorbs negative energy. Don’t forget to cleanse it regularly. 


Pyrite, also known as ‘fool’s gold’, is said to create a strong protecting energy field that blocks all negative energy out. It helps to get over feelings of anxiety and not being good enough, and boosts self-confidence. Pyrite is also associated with attracting luck, abundance and good fortune. 



Blue chalcedony opens the mind for new ideas. It’s great for learning, memory and speaking. An ideal crystal for students! Blue chalcedony also encourages reflection and accepting change.


Blue lace agate is actually a type of agate with blue chalcedony in it. The pattern often looks like lace! It’s an ideal stone for all aspects of communication, like putting thoughts into words and expressing emotions. Blue lace agate helps you calm down from anger and frustration and release the stress that comes with this.



Pink agate brings balance & stability into your life. It releases you from toxic emotions which create unrest in your mind. It cleanses out what stands in the way of wellbeing. Its soft energy is especially great for traumatic healing. Pink agate enhances self-acceptance and forgiveness.


Carnelian is a very energetic stone and is great for motivation & empowerment. It supports you in making positive life choices and encourages you to trust yourself. Although the high energy level, carnelian is also stabilizing and helps you to stay present. 



Green aventurine is a real soother for the heart, it heals and protects it. So it’s a great companion in times of break-up or other heartache. It’s also known to enhance optimism and supporting you when you step out of your comfort zone. It brings confidence towards new situations. Green aventurine is also associated with luck, achieving goals and manifesting prosperity.


Jade is the stone of purity. It cleanses the mind of negative thoughts. It stimulates creativity and makes tasks feel less difficult than they appeared to be in the first place. It balances and brings body and mind in harmony, helping you to let go limiting beliefs so you open up to new possibilities. It’s also known for attracting prosperity and good health. 



Malachite helps you with letting go what’s no longer good for you. It’s great for creating new relationships of all sorts and helps with shyness. This stone helps you clear the way and follow your heart. Malachite also supports you in understanding difficult concepts and processing information. 


Labradorite enhances intuition and helps you connect with the universe. It is a protective stone that ensures you don’t get affected by external influences, but stay aware of what is happening around you. Labradorite also has a grounding energy which is great for stress and anxiety. Not to forget that it’s beautiful shiny spots will bring you happiness instantly :)

DSC_0360 (1).JPG


Rainbow moonstone is in fact not really moonstone, it’s a type of labradorite! Rainbow moonstone is great for manifesting and working with the moon. It enhances intuition and is connected with feminine energy.

DSC_0263 (1).JPG


Fluorite is the great organizer. It helps overcoming any form of disorganization. It’s a great stone for breaking down fixed ideas and to show you the truth of a situation. It gives inner strength and has a grounding energy. Fluorite protects from outside influences and is also helpful for focus. 



Apatite is a great stone for manifesting. It's connected with both future and past. It helps you overcome being tired from stressing. Apatite supports openness and expressing yourself without guilt. 


Rhodonite is a very soothing stone that especially helps with trauma, heartache and issues of self-destruction. It replaces emotional scars with love and forgiveness. It helps you to become the best version of you and to open your heart to unconditional love. 

DSC_0346 (1).JPG


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