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Hi, welcome!  

I’m Sofie, the girl behind Simply Lua :) I’m 23 years old and just graduated from university. I'm vegan and love to integrate sustainable options in my life as much as possible. I’ve always been fascinated by crystals, astrology, tarot etc. and while being at home for most of 2020, I got creative with these things!
I’ve been dreaming for years about running my own business someday, during the first lockdown I made the big step! 

I kept on seeing pictures of those beautiful crystal candles online and I thought “hey, I can do that myself” and so it went. I bought the materials and made a first batch. People loved it from the start and I’m so so grateful for that!
I grow each day in what I do and will continue to!


Sustainability is a very important factor in my life, so I really wanted to include this in my business as well. Therefore I only work with sustainable materials and try to improve constantly. I work with a vegan rapeseed wax and ban plastic from my packaging.
With Simply Lua I want to introduce a little magick into peoples lifes in a very accessible way. And if you're already a crystal lover, Simply Lua is a fun way to expand your crystal collection. Second, I want to make sustainable candles more accessible, because sustainable should really be the norm. And most of all, I would love to bring some light and cosiness to you!

So don’t be shy, take a look around and I hope you see something that makes your heart sparkle a little! 


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