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This is the ideal gift set for your best friend, lover, family... or for yourself.

A small candle with a matching necklace and bracelet. 

Unique and handmade with love and care as always. 


Different sets;

  • The (self)love set
    • Rosequartz necklace & bracelet, candle scent: sandalwood
    • Rosequartz for inviting love into your energy, wheter it's love towards yourself or someone else, you can never go wrong with this soft pink energy 
  • The goodluck set
    • Green aventurine necklace & bracelet, candle scent: frankincense & myrrh
    • Green aventurine is known to attract goodluck, wealth and prosperity, a lovely energy to gift someone
  • The fire energy set
    • Carnelian necklace, sunstone bracelet, candle scent: sandalwood
    • Carnelian and sunstone are both fire energy crystals, carnelian is know for passion, attraction and confidence, sunstone is known for lighting up energy and strengthening your power
  • The dreamy set
    • Celestite necklace, opalite bracelet, candle scent: frankincense & myrrh
    • Celestite is a stone associated with dreams, it's an ideal crystal to connect with your subconscious. Opalite is said to lift heavy energy and is associated with communication and emotional expression.
  • The mind set
    • Rainbow fluorite necklace, sodalite bracelet, candle scent: sandalwood
    • Rainbow fluorite is good for concentration and mind work. Sodalite is a deep blue stone associated with communication and intuition.
  • The confidence set
    • Tiger's eye necklace & bracelet, candle scent: frankincense & myrrh
    • Tiger's eye is an all time favorite for a confidence boost, it's known for giving strength and that extra little push towards reaching your goals.

The ideal gift set

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